Production unit is one of the most important aspect of textile sector

We have Sulzer looms of both single and double width

he Brand Name 'SONCO' is a part of J.B.Sulzfab Pvt. Ltd. which was establised by Mr. Naresh Agarwal (Director) in 1994 as J.B.Fabrics. Years passed and the motto which we followed was "The Quality Speaks" was the main reason in rising of J.B.Fabrics. The Demand of our products increased therfore the production increased. As the production and demand increased work force was another component which was bound to increase. so, J.B.Fabrics was converted to J.B.Sulzfab Pvt. Ltd. in 2003 as we established our own production unit. Each and every Employee or member of J.B.Sulzfab has been quality Conscious at every stage of Manufacturing.Today we have a production of 36 million meters per year and our products have covered almost entire India, spanning from Rajasthan, Gujrat in the west to West Bengal in the east; from Jammu, Delhi in the north to Karnataka,Tamil Nadu in the south. We have been prevalent in the international market for the past two years now.