Director's desk

Mr. S.N.Agarwal is the senior most person and managing director of the company. His suggestions and advice of has been one of very important reason of success.A few word's from his side:

Managing Director
"Besides the Quality, Feel and finish of the product there are few other factors which led good results for us. The right decision at right time, Giving the best rate,Relations with the customers and our service these factors play a huge role. We have and always will stick to our motto and values."

Mr. Naresh Agarwal is the Backbone of J.B.Sulzfab Pvt.Ltd. All the quality work and management from Production to final finish fabric is under his supervision.A few word's from him:
Mr.Naresh Agarwal
Managing Director
"Quality and business relations with the customers,employees and raw material suppliers are the very important aspects for me. I have always preffered quality over quantity. The best yarn, best construction and best processing is the base of each and every product we manufacture. Feel, Finish, firmness and the competitive rates of the quality are prime factors for a successful fabric quality.

According to Mr Naresh Agarwal Young minds are very important and fruitful for a growing business.So Nitin agarwal, a software enginner after having 2 years of experience in software field joined family business recently.

Mr.Nitin Agarwal
"The Textile sector is very vast in itself and does not have any limit. In my experience of textile field, which is very less, I've learnt that new developments as soon as possible according to the market can give good results, therefore i will try to focus on new developments and technologize the internal system as much as possible to make the internal working very smooth."